Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My 2nd Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry

OK, now she's totally going over the edge....
I am entering these pictures of my modern log cabin quilt to the Photography category in Amy's Creative Side Spring Quilter's Blog Festival.

This, of course, is the quilt and the photo session that yielded the picture in my blog banner.  I designed the quilt with the family room of our house on the water in New Hampshire in mind.  This is where I do most of my kayaking and the house in the woods means so much to my whole extended family.  In this place we relax, laugh, play, eat and drink well, breath the fresh air and take full advantage of the beauty of the region.

I highly encourage you to spend a few minutes enjoying the all the amazing entries in the Festival.

PS  If you want (and I know you do) to see more pictures of my lovely puppy, come back in a few days for something special.


  1. What a great quilt and lovely pictures. Your furry friend looks awfully happy in the pictures :)

  2. I love your quilt and the photo you took of it! Very fitting for your blog!

  3. Log Cabins and kayaks? I'm sold. :-)

    Beautiful quilt.

  4. looks like the perfect getaway beautiful quilt and photos


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