Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May 1st

When I began this quilting adventure a little over a year ago, I was puzzled by the number of projects so many of you have going on at the same time.  How could you keep all this straight?  How do you get a sense of accomplishment?  Well, I GET IT now.

Repetitive quilt piecing syndrome.  Hundreds of little pieces of fabric to cut, sew, press, sew, trim, press, etc.  Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE all of this but a change in project really does help keep each project interesting and staves off RQPS boredom!

So, on that note, I have these three (!!) projects on my sewing table:

 A few hundred pieces of carved up beautiful Vintage Modern.
This lovely group of fabrics will evolve into a little gift for a very special girl.

and a pile of work-in-process Mama Said Sew, that I love, love, love.  In addition to these I still have six quilts on the waiting-to-be-quilted rack!  And I am happy, happy, happy about all of this!

It was a beautiful day here in New England.
Once a year, and only for a brief period, the trees on our street blossom with style.  Spring is officially here.

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  1. I'm chuckling at your three projects on the go! You'll probable have more and more as time goes by. And thanks for posting that beautiful photo of all those spring blossoms. Love it. Ours are not in bloom, yet, but I noticed today that the forsythia is blooming, which is a sure sign of spring.

  2. Looks like the start of some really nice projects! Can't wait to see what you make with the Menagerie and the Socks the Fox prints :)

  3. Love your blog! I just started my own and also love kayaking and quilting! Check out the foundation paper pieced kayaks I put in my header (pattern from


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