50 State Project

We have made good progress on our goal to visit all 50 of these United States.  We have strict rules that define whether we can "count" a state.  An overnight stay is required.  So, no drive throughs, day visits, airport connections and the like.

Really, we have nothing against the middle of the country, just somehow haven't got there yet.  37 down, 13 to go.   

Where should we go next?


  1. Have you covered CT? Can't tell from the map (very geographically challenged am I!) If you come by he SE CT shore, let me know--we can visit Hugs, Julierose

  2. I can definitely help you with Montana when the time comes and recommend you bring your kayak for that one! So many lovely, lovely places to see for both fabric and the beautiful outdoors!

  3. Well Minnesota of course... stop by for a stand up paddle and a tour of our local quilt shops!

  4. See that little dent in Idaho??? That's me! We literally live right on the border of Idaho and Oregon...so can totally help ya out with a visit....and we get a float in too!

  5. See that little nook in Idaho....that's me! We literally live on the border of Oregon and Idaho I'm about 40 minutes from Boise, Idaho, so can definitely host ya for a day of kayaking and a nice dinner with a little vino....oh and good fabric talk!! :)


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