Friday, June 23, 2017

Hello Lucy!

A hand sewing project has escalated in priority as the summer begins.  Something I can do on the deck or on the beach to keep my hands busy is the goal.  English paper piecing seems to be the perfect technique for portability and there are so many enticing projects it has been a challenge to decide where to begin.  There's beautiful hexagon projects, La Passacaglia Quilt, the Smitten Quilt and so many others.  I've decided to give Lucy Boston a try!

After some research I assembled the needed supplies.
Let's start with fabric selection.  To jump start this adventure, I've gotten quite a bit of support and supplies from Alewives Fabrics' (in Nobleboro, Maine about two and half hours from home) weekly Lucy Boston club.

Then supplies to fussy cut the fabric.  Templates to cut the fabric, mirror, small rotary blade.  I'm hoping that I can get more accurate and faster with this stage.

One of my concerns about EPP is the potential waste of fabric.

Glue basting is brilliant!

Then, there are the supplies for sewing.  Lovely Aurifil 80 weight thread and skinny needles.

After cursing numerous annoying thread tangles, I'm giving this stuff a try.

Phew.  EPP is quite a bit different than my quilting experience to date.  All of the prep work takes a surprising amount of time.  BUT I think I'm hooked!  Stitches are not perfect but using the flat back stitch seems to yield better results.

So stay tuned, in another five years or so I may have a quilt to share with you!


Friday, June 2, 2017

A Couple More Book Bags

Hello!  I know the blog's been a little quiet lately.  Life has been wonderfully busy with the weather finally starting to improve here in New Hampshire, the new grand baby distraction (the best kind!), secret sewing and more time exercising!  Recovery from surgery in November has been a very long and slow process.  I finally am feeling enough strength and confidence in the leg to go back to some of my regular fitness activities.  I have joined a local fitness center and have returned to yoga practice!!  Hooray!  So many sore muscles now but it's all good!

A few years ago I made a book bag for my mother-in-law who has used it for many visits to the local library where the bag received compliments from the librarians.  I've been thinking about making a book bag or two to donate to her library in recognition of how great the staff have been to my voracious reader mother-in-law.  Heather Givens latest fabric collection Literary was the obvious choice for these bags!

 I love the stamps and library cards!

On the bookshelf side I embroidered book titles.  Classic book titles for one bag.

Books that probably don't exist (but should!) about South Portland, Maine.

Even the lining has book piles.

I believe the plan is to raffle off the bags for the benefit of the library.  I'm so happy to help!!

I highly recommend this fun pattern by City House Studios.


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