Friday, January 17, 2020

Finished - Baby Quilt #4 for Foster

I have been trying to break the habit of buying fabric that called out to me (with mixed success).  Several years ago I purchased a stack of 10" squares of the sweetest baby fabric, Sweet Dreams Little One by Pink Chandelier for Wilmington Fabrics.
And it sat on the shelf waiting for just the right occasion to cut into it.  Welcome beautiful Foster to the world last year and the wait was over.

Wanting to waste as little of this as possible (not that scraps are waste mind you) I turned to Aneela Hoey's Little Apples quilt pattern and threw in a few blocks of my remaining precious Comma from ZenChicModa for the quilt top.

Trains on the back and some fun quilting to finish!

Foster (and his parents) were very pleased with this latest addition to their collection from KayakQuilting!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Finished - Baby Quilt #3 Maypole

In truth this is the last of three quilts that were finished in 2018 (!!) but never blogged about.  I promise more recent finishes soon!
Have you ever used the backing fabric as inspiration for the quilt front?  Baby's mom is a yoga instructor and farm animals doing yoga, well that just the obvious choice.  

Based on the backing, I picked solids to coordinate on this Maypole pattern by SuzyQuilts.

Another quilt finished with straight line quilting and not free motion quilting.  Interesting...

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Finished - Baby Quilt #2 Foxfire

There are so many patterns in my "someday" list, duplicating a previous make is pretty rare.  This was a special request for the Foxfire quilt made out of Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall collection.

All the information is on this post from the first time.

Another instance when I thought I would make a dent in the fabric remaining from the first quilt BUT then I needed more to fussy cut those large center blocks...and, oh well, I have more beautiful Nightfall fabric scraps!

Quilted in a big loopy meander and backed with more soft flannel (sorry no picture).

Love those owls and bunnies!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Finished - Baby Quilt #1 Simple Patchwork

Isn't there something lovely about simple patchwork?  Particularly when the fabric is soft, organic cotton such as Park Life by Elizabeth Olwen from Cloud9 Fabrics.

A little straight line quilting seemed like enough.

 To add to the softness I backed it in a yummy flannel.
Sometimes it is best not to overthink things and just enjoy the process.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hello 2020! Levi's Christmas Stocking

Has it really been almost one year since my last post?  Lots of reasons that I won't bore you with for my absence but there was one technical issue I will share that others may have encountered.  For over a year I have not been able to comment on your blogs regardless of the device I used.  Also, I was not getting notified when a comment was made to my blog.  I've always felt that blogging was a community where two way communication was critical.

After much research, I finally determined that all my devices are from Apple and the recent operating systems just do not recognize my gmail account on Safari.  I downloaded Chrome and voila!  I can now interact with your blogs as I have in the past and hopefully the comments function will work!  (Hint, hint...)

OK, enough of the technical stuff, on to the important matters.  In fact, I did very little sewing in 2019.  I started this blog when I began quilting in 2012 to not only connect with the wonderful community of sewers but also to catalog my finishes.  Therefore, I will use the next few blog posts to catch you up on my creative completions from last year.
The project that represented my largest creative investment in 2019 was this cross stitched Christmas stocking for my two year old grandson.

From July to December, all available creative time was dedicated to this endeavor.  The pattern is 18 count with lots and lots of thread changes, thread mixes and stitch varieties.  I'm not sure that he really appreciates it yet (other than for the functional value as a receptacle for Santa's gifts) but I'm so pleased with how it finished.  

This is where I purchased the kit.
More updates coming soon!  Looking forward to chatting more in 2020.

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