Monday, May 11, 2020

Finished - Scrap Vortex Quilt

For several years I have been keeping a bag beside the sewing machine of little scraps.  Too small to be put into the respective color scrap bin (yes, I am THAT person that has multiple scrap storage tiers) but too special to be thrown out.  In the early stages of the quarantine I noted that the bag was overflowing.
Doing a little research I rediscovered Amanda Jean's scrap vortex quilt along.    First step was prying all the little pieces and strips out of the bag and organizing them in some order.  

Very, very little was thrown in the trash and every bit was used!

I followed her recommendations and started with small pieces making small slabs and then just kept adding on.  In the beginning I had my doubts as to whether this was ever going to build up into something cohesive.  I stepped back and went back to review some of the beautiful quilts made as part of Amanda Jean's QAL  (for example Linda's!) and that gave me the inspiration to carry on!

As the quilt blocks began to grow came the challenge of assembling some pretty random sized slabs.

To my delight that little bag of bits and pieces came together pretty nicely!  Perhaps I shouldn't have been too surprised under the theory that if I loved each of the little pieces then the odds would be good that I would like the compilation.

Quilted in a simple meander this one is staying with me.

In the end I enjoyed the process so much I have started two more bags including one just for Christmas bits and pieces!

Keep smiling,

Monday, May 4, 2020

Finished - Two Quilts for My Sisters in Law!

A while back my very talented mother-in-law shared with me a bundle of fabric from her many years of sewing.  I decided to turn this fabric into quilts for her daughters. The first is Skipping Pinwheels Quilt by My Fabric Relish .
The second quilt is a log cabin quilt with probably my favorite block placement!

Hand sewn binding and my favorite backing.  Both are quilted in a meandering stipple that is simple and adds much to the texture.

I was so happy to put this fabric to work and my SIL's were both quite pleased!

Stay safe and keep smiling!
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