Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My April Post

I will be back to active blogging and sewing, I promise!  The house project(s) are moving along well but that means there is little time for playing with fabric.  One of my goals before selling our home was to finish up as many WIP's as possible under the theory that it would be less to pack (really, the proverbial needle in the haystack but it sounded like a good excuse to quilt!).  You might remember this post about my last Star Wars quilt.  It is now finished and on the way to a little guy who has had more than his share of medical issues.  Hopefully this will bring a smile!

 I also made a (tiny) dent in my fabric stash with this pink purse for a very special three year old.  I gave her one of my Vermont Teddy Bears and gave her a little purse too!

Another minor detail against the backdrop of a major move, but I wound all my floss!  I found this wonderful tutorial for using a power drill to save the wrist and improve consistency.  Using plastic bobbins is essential.  Now isn't that lovely?  I need to find some fun cross stitch projects now!

Finally, this is what my new sewing room looked like last week.  My sewing machine will be in the corner of those two windows.  The stairs you see outside the windows are being removed so I will have a clear view to the lake.  
And as if we didn't have enough going on, we planned a trip to Hawaii almost a year ago before we had made the big decision to move.  It seems just a little crazy that we are leaving with all these projects going on but a break from the stress of it all will be just fine!

I will likely not be blogging until I return from Hawaii but I will certainly be sharing on Instagram!  Thanks for your patience!


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