Friday, June 10, 2016

A Bag for Ann Marie

I am so blessed to have many wonderful sister-in-laws.  The SIL that has been in my family the longest is Ann Marie, married to my oldest brother for 45 years (this alone will earn her sainthood!).  Ann Marie is famous in our family for being the first of Italian lineage, a fact my parents just loved to tease her about, and of course an amazing cook!  Not only is she beautiful and strong and possessing of a limitless heart when it comes to her family, Ann Marie is also a cancer survivor.

As part of my attempt to organize my various craft activities, I found a bag of finished cross stitched items from my many years of addiction to that activity.  Rediscovering these two birds, I knew just who I should give them to.
This is the zip top tote pattern from Anna Graham's book Handmade Style.  I modified the exterior to accommodate the two cross stitched birds.
In addition to being a bird watcher, Ann Marie is also a kayaker (yes, my type of gal) so this was the exact time to use this kayak fabric I had impulsed purchased some time ago.

The bottom panel denim fabric (Robert Kaufman) as well as the interior (Cloud 9) came from a newly discovered store, Pintuck & Purl in Exeter NH where there might have been some more impulse fabric acquisitions that I will share in another post!  I had a lovely chat with Maggie and look forward to visiting often.

This is the first time I have applied leather straps to a bag.  I love the look and the leather was quite easy to sew through.  Also this is the first time using Annie's Soft and Stable as a stabilizer.  I was a little nervous when the package arrived as to whether it would be difficult to work with but it turned out to be uneventful (even despite the fact I forgot to change the needle size on the sewing machine) and the sturdiness it gives the bag is amazing.

She was surprised to get this "just because" gift.  It's only a bag but it is filled with love for this very special woman.    Love you Ann Marie!
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