Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Being Mysterious

I have started a new, special quilt (but aren't they all?).
My apologies, in advance, if it's a little quiet around here.  I hope the wait will be worth it!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finished - The Glowing Star Wars Quilt

Yes, another Star Wars quilt finished!

 I framed in some of the larger character prints and added various blocks to give my buddy M lots to look at!

I started this project with a fabric shopping trip for a "little bit" more Star Wars fabric to add to the scraps remaining from the last Star Wars quilt.  (Warning:  shopping for fabric without having a plan in mind will guarantee that you buy too much fabric!  Yes, there is yet another Star Wars quilt in the works. I am going to give away the scraps after that project!)  As a result the quilt has themed fabric from a number of collections.

One of the collections (cleverly titled Glow in the Dark Star Wars) had a little extra interest.  I was skeptical, particularly after washing the quilt.  BUT I heard from the family that now has the quilt that it does indeed glow in the dark!  My buddy is calling it his night light quilt!  Perfect!

I decided the quilting pattern is "lightsaber refraction."

A few of you have asked about my experience with the minky backing.  Overall, it was no problem at all.  It does shred like crazy when cut (cleans up easily with a scrap of batting) and spray basting works much better to control stretch than pin basting.  Machine stitching the binding down is the only way to go with the minky backing.   
Even though it is the first day of summer (yay!), I went ahead and gave my buddies their soft and warm quilts yesterday.  As I had a little minky left over from the backing, I made matching soft pillows.

K loved her quilt as well, particularly those fox blocks!  I don't have to tell you how wonderful it is to create quilts and to know how very much they are loved by the recipients!  A win-win!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Finished - Preppy Quilt

Finally, a finished quilt to share with you!  This is a quilt for a special little girl.  She is an adorable, kind hearted, funny and very blessed girl!
This is just a simple disappearing nine patch pattern but I really like the fun, scrappy effect that the variety of fabrics yield.
 Her bedroom is shades of pink and green so I went with a preppy colored quilt.

The fabric is a fun combination of fabrics, everything from Flea Market Fancy to  Posy.
Minky on the back makes this a heavy but soft quilt!

Such a fun and happy quilt...just like my little buddy!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Close on Two Quilts

With the inspiration from your comments to my last post, I quilted the Star Wars quilt yesterday.

 The quilting pattern (in my mind anyway) is refracted lightsaber beams.   Again, I like how the quilting appears on the minky back.  Which, by the way, is not difficult to work with at all.  Sheds like crazy when cutting it and spray basting is definitely better than pinning for controlling the stretch, but quilting it is no problem.

Now I have these two quilts ready to be bound.  Soon, very soon.

The weather here in New England was PERFECT last weekend and my kayak and I had some wonderful time together (despite those pesky black flies).
The spring parade has started!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quilting Update

Remember this pile of three quilts that I basted at the same time?  The preppy colored disappearing nine-patch is quilted with big loops in each row.

 I love the texture this simple quilting provides and it looks pretty cool on the minky back.

This one is a Quilt for Boston, again with an all over quilting pattern not to distract from the blocks.

I am suffering a quilter's creativity block right now as to how to quilt the third one.  Any suggestions?

Each year the wonderful Beth at Plum and June hosts a blog hop for new bloggers.  I participated last year and it was a wonderful way to "meet" other quilting bloggers who were more or less at the same stage as I when it came to blogging.  As in the past, there are some amazingly talented people in this year's group, well worth a visit !

Plum and June

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