Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday From One 13 Year Old to Another

Karen of Sew Many Ways has invited everyone to join in a birthday (linky) party for Annie, who turns 13 on May 25th.  Well, this is just our type of party!  Miss Kasey, our lovely 13 year old Bernese Mountain Dog really does love birthday parties!
 The day we brought her home, Mother's Day 2000.
 Kasey  loves to pose after going to the "spa" for her beauty treatments.
 The Queen of the household looking regal.
 Kasey is just a little too big to fit on my kayak, but she does love going out on a boat ride.
Even at 13 years old (very, very old for her breed...but we do not tell her that!) she continues to be just as lovely, charming and the center of the household.  As you can imagine, we have Bernese Mountain Dog influences throughout the house.  She has even made her presence known in my new found quilting hobby.
 Kasey photo bombing my quilt photography session!
 Beautiful fabric used in pillows for each of my men!
Such a good sport!
Kasey is keeping an eye on my sewing (in the sewing room before the remodel!).

Happy Birthday Annie!  Party like a teenager!  What a blessing to have these pets in our lives for so long!  (And thanks Karen for giving me an excuse to post even more pictures of my pup on my blog!)


  1. What a sweetie--you never need an excuse to post pix of her. Hugs, Julierose

  2. Your Kasey looks excessively fine in Kate Spain ;) Sweet pup!

  3. I'm a BMD lover and so enjoyed seeing your lovely pictures of Kasey...she's beautiful.

  4. She is so beautiful and she does look good in the Kate Spain, but I think the log cabin sets off her colors better.

  5. She is gorgeous! I have a 7 year old Bernese (Bauer) and he looked just like Kasey as a pup! I look forward to learning more about you during the new blogger blog hop =]


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