Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Local Support

This is my little contribution to the wonderful Quilts for Boston project led by the Boston Modern Quilt Guild and supported by so many of you!

And speaking of supporting local organizations, I fell off my fabric diet and did a little shopping at Sew Fresh Fabrics, adding these lovelies to my fabric collection (I say "collection" as I am never sure I will be brave enough to cut (GASP) into it!):
Accounts in flax (perfect for this ex-accountant, right?), Paddle Hatch from Camp Sur (again, for obvious reasons), Captured from Next Stop and Cuppa Joe from Modern Home.
These are my first Essex Linens (natural and putty) and I have to say, I get it.  I understand why these appear in so many of the beautiful projects I see you making.  Gorgeous.  I found Sew Fresh Fabrics on line and loved their selection of modern fabrics.  It was only after I ordered that I noticed they are here in Massachusetts, less than 20 miles away!  Good thing they do not have a brick and mortar store!  (Although I am quite sure I will be able to do enough damage on-line!).

UPDATE:  Just saw on this post that Sew Fresh Fabric is having a sale!

One more a relative newbie at this quilting thing, I am still so taken aback when something little old me makes is greatly appreciated.  You might remember my version of the Scrappy Trip Around the World that started out as an excuse to work off some of my scraps and turned into one of my favorite quilts?

I knew this quilt needed a special home and so I gave it to a very special young couple as a (belated..oops) wedding gift.   And I loved her reaction!  She was so enthralled by this quilt that she took pictures and send it to her family, friends, co-workers...including the CEO of her company!  Yikes!  It turns out that the CEO's wife runs a quilt store south of Boston, Hearts in Hands (great shop name)!  In my quest to shop at every fabric store (physical and on-line!), I have not been to this one yet but it is on the list!

I am trying something new this Wednesday (I know, living on the edge....), linking up with:

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Oklahoma impacted by the tornado.

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  1. ooohhh! I have a big fabric problem too. :) Love the new additions to your collection. And your scrappy trip is stunning!! It is no wonder that the recipient is so enthralled with it.

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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