Friday, May 29, 2015

My May Post

...and I just squeezed it in!

Since I last posted we spent two fabulous weeks in Hawaii.  Returning to places we've been before in Maui and Kauai made for a very relaxing schedule as we didn't feel the pressure to see all the "must do's" because we already had!

Of course there was a fabric stop or two.  

Returning home meant jumping right into serious preparation for putting our home on the market.  Cleaning, decluttering, emptying closets that I haven't seen the bottom of in 20 years has been A LOT of work.  I guess it is SOP to hire a stager (thank you HGTV) to make your house look great for pictures.  Honestly I was a bit skeptical (after all, don't we all have impeccable taste?) but they did a wonderful job.  Rooms really do look larger and appropriately style neutral.  I also learned that leaving pictures of your kids around is a no-no but dogs are OK!  Awesome.

They even simplified my sewing room.

This forced me to organize my fabric shelves a bit.

Meanwhile, the renovations to the lake house are moving along well.  The new sewing room has walls and when I see it next week the room should be painted.  I can't wait to see the cork flooring.

Before we had to put my baby into storage, I was able to spend a few hours with the quilting machine (I have a Sweet 16) and finish two old projects.  The first is a little Christmas quilt and is the second half of the Serendipity quilts by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I blogged about the first one here.

I had fun trying out some new quilting patterns.  It is difficult to photograph but the border has a cross-hatch pattern that adds a very nice texture.

The second quilt I finished since we've last chatted was my very first quilt top.  I promise another post (before the month of June is over!) sharing the quilting on this one.  I really had some fun quilting it!

Between prepping the current house to sell and making decisions for the "new" house (faucets, cabinet pulls, light fixtures, wallpaper and so on),  I have not been sewing and have even fallen far behind in reading all your beautiful blog posts.  

Our home goes on the market on Tuesday.  Another major milestone in our life but one we are definitely ready for.  I can't wait to sew in my new space and share it all with you!

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