Monday, August 25, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another (and The Last) Star Wars Quilt

I have no more Star Wars scraps.

 What I didn't use in this quilt top I gave away.  I am done with this franchise for a long while.

Miss Sadie had to get in the picture.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lost Chevrons

My Scrap Management System is still evolving.  The current version involves keeping together the scraps from a project under the theory that if they worked well in a quilt, certainly these pieces should stay together in their scrap after life.  Therefore, I have bags of scraps from many of the quilts I have finished waiting to be used.  For example, you remember this quilt (blogged about here);
Indeed, this project left me with a lovely little bag of scraps.  It turns out I need a new table topper to update my dining room.
 I have done a few chevron projects and wanted to make this a little more subtle.  
Perhaps I went a little crazy with this.  Can you see the chevron?

Perhaps I will quilt this to reinforce the chevron pattern.

On non-quilting adventures, my husband and I are planning a two week trip to the west coast in the fall.  We are flying into San Francisco, headng north along the coast to Oregon and over to the northern corner of Idaho (two more states for our 50 state challenge!).   I have done some initial research on fabric stores and there certainly seems like there are a LOT of them in that part of the country!  Unfortunately, we will not be going near Sisters, OR as I know that is venue for quilting fans (sounds like an excuse for another visit!).   I would love to hear any recommendations for must-visit quilt shops in this area!  I'll take recommendations for sights to see, restaurants, vineyards, hikes, etc.!  As you might guess we are so excited about this trip!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Finished - S'Mores Love Quilt

The challenge for this project was to see if I could make a quilt out of one charm pack.  My original post is here.   Now that the new home quilt is finished, this little one was next to be quilted.


Again, I had fun with the quilting.  A leafy motif seemed apropos for a quilt intended to be used on the porch at the lake.  Quilting borders is a challenge for me (lacking practice as I seldom have borders on my quilts) but that doesn't stop me from experimenting.

Isn't this backing (and binding) fabric just perfect for this occasion?  The fabric is  Frolicking Forest by Heather Rosas.

This one finishes at approximately 50" square, the right size for a little warmth while reading a book on the porch this fall.

Apparently I am in a free motion quilting mood as I have completed quilting three quilts over the last three weeks (a new record for me!).  In addition to the new home quilt and this one, I finished quilting another quilt top for the Boston Modern Quilt Guild's Quilts for Boston project.  A few weeks ago I quilted this one with a simple loopy meander.

I thought after this quilt I would be done with swirls for a while but I do love the texture of this style so I swirled this second Boston quilt.

Now, off to enjoy this glorious New England summer weather while watching my son recuperate from yesterday's oral surgery when SIX wisdom teeth were extracted!  I always encouraged my sons to excel in their endeavors!  I wonder what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy in the case of a 25 year old and six extracted wisdom teeth is?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tula Blocks #61 to 70

I am continuing to work my way through Tula Pink's City Sampler blocks.  
 As I am sure you can deduce, these blocks are all from the stripes section.
 In general, it is summer time and the sewing pace is a little slower for all the right reasons.  I have had a little time to catch up on some quilting.

This might mean I have some finishes to share with you soon.  On the other hand, the rain has stopped and my kayak is ready to launch.

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