Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finished - Ayla's I Spy Quilt

I bet you didn't see that coming!  I finished a quilt!  OK, so it's a small quilt with simple quilting, but it is finished and gifted!  I snuck in a few hours of sewing between house showings and finished this cute little quilt for a very special one year old.  I purchased a couple bundles of slightly mis-cut  5" square novelty prints at Keepsake Quilting's annual tent sale a couple of years ago.   Isn't it fun to find the right fabric in your stash for a project?
Pinwheel blocks, 60 different pairs of fun fabrics to match, light quilting to keep it soft and happy backing fabric.
The end is in sight for the new sewing room (oh, and the rest of the house of course).  The walls are painted, the beautiful cork floor is down and the new TV is on the wall!  If you look carefully, you can see the lake.
Did I tell you that we have buyers for the Massachusetts home?  Hooray!  Yesterday the house was packed and today is moving day.  I started out with such good intentions to prune through and only take what is needed and will fit into the new house.  However, as time passed I found myself just throwing things in boxes yesterday with the knowledge stuff will have to be donated or disposed of in New Hampshire.  

It will be a fun couple of days as we pack up the truck today and unpack it tomorrow!  Summer at the lake, here we come!

Happy Wednesday!

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