Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baby Shower - The Gifts

You may have heard that I am about to become a grandmother!!  (I promise not to repeat this in every post but I'm just a little excited!)  The baby shower was Sunday so now I can share some of the projects I've been working on.  This post will be about the gifts and in a future post I'll share other stuff I made for the event!
My son's favorite book was Goodnight Moon.  I read this to him every night before bed.  A few years ago, I had just started quilting when I purchased a lovely fat quarter bundle of Cloud 9's organic Goodnight Moon thinking that maybe someday I could use it.  
The fabric is so lovely and the prints are so interesting, I decided not to cut it up very much.  Simple squares surround the Great Green Room cheater block.  

I love the soft crinkles after being washed.  The fleece backing just adds to the softness. Of course this was gifted with a copy of the book.

The wonderful and sweet Val over at Val's Quilting Studio provided the inspiration for these receiving blankets.  My goodness is this washed fleece so soft!
Rounded corners and playing with stitches on my sewing machine made these even more fun! 

Lastly, remember my very talented mother-in-law, she made this super adorable, squishy quilt for her future great grand-child.

Aren't these prints cute?

I know the little one is going to love how soft this quilt is!

Stay tuned...more baby shower sewing coming up soon!


  1. You can brag all you want about becoming a grandma's wonderful!!!! Okay that quilt is adorable as I'm especially charmed be quilts inspired by a children's book! And how wonderful to stop by and think I inspired you! You just made my day!!! Smiles!!! The decorative stitching adds such a pop doesn't it! Guess what! I've used the same I love mom and dad! I'm so happy for you becoming a nana soon!!!

  2. You definitely earn bragging rights when you become a Gma! It's a very special time. Great gifts for the new little one.

  3. I made and gifted a baby quilt using the Goodnight Moon fabric as well -- it is one of my favorite baby quilts I have made. (We loved the book when my children were small too.)

  4. Such beautiful baby gifts - congratulations. And being a Nana is the best!!!

  5. How exciting! These quilts are all super sweet. I love the story behind the Goodnight Moon quilt.

  6. Exciting news! Nothing beats being a 'granny' :) I love the quilt, and the fleece backing & book will be perfect!


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