Monday, February 13, 2017

The Final Splendid Sampler Blocks!

I can't believe I finished all 100 blocks! Certainly the recent snow and a stretched out recovery period helped improve the odds of finishing!

Just to catch you up, here are my final blocks:

# 95 - Sunshine
 #96 - In the Sunshine
#97 - First Purse
#98 - Fleur de Lis
#99 - Four Corner Pinwheel
#100 - Centered
This is the first time I have attempted to participate in such an intense quilt along; two blocks every week is a commitment!  I worked at this at my own pace with periods of being current and periods of having multiple blocks in the queue.

I can't guarantee this will be the final arrangement of the blocks as the color distribution is not perfectly even and a recent black and white photo indicated that I have clusters of blocks with more saturated colors that probably should be distributed through the quilt.

My goodness this has been so much fun to work on a wide variety of techniques from a diverse group of talented people. I've enjoyed reading the personal stories of each block by its designer. I plan to finish this quilt top (some day...) and keep it as a fun eye spy type of quilt.  I look forward to seeing what others do to finish this quilt!

Thank you to all the designers and Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson for these more than splendid blocks!


  1. Kathy ~ all of your blocks are so SO fabulous!! I think this quilt (when-ever it's finished) will conjure up warm, happy memories for you. I would have loved to have been able to participate in this QAL (I actually had a moment last January when I thought I *might* actually be able to - ha!) but in the absence of sewing along myself, I am glad to have been along for YOUR part in it - thank you so much for sharing!!
    ~ Tracy

  2. That is an amazing amount of blocks! They are all so different and yet work so well together.

  3. Wow! They look fantastic all together.


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