Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Shimmering Quilt Top Finish

Between secret sewing projects, the Shimmer quilt top has come together!
 I really love this pattern!  It comes together easily, particularly if you follow Allison's suggestion about placing a piece of tape on the sewing machine in front of the needle that saves a ton of time drawing lines on squares!

Any suggestions on how I should quilt this one?

Like most of you, I also need a hand sewing project at all times (particularly right now as I am spending more time than normal sitting in my comfy recliner in front of the fireplace at night!).  This counted cross stitch pattern is one I purchased some time ago and finally finished.  The pattern is called How Does My Garden Grow and is by Barbara Campagna from her Modern Flowers book.

This was a perfect, easy stitched piece.

Now, I am cautiously trying to learn how to knit.  I have had many brave people (including my very talented mother in law) try to teach me and I purchased a learn to knit Craftsy class.  Like so many things, I know I just need to have patience and practice.  This is my practice work.

After I posted this picture on IG, I received a very helpful comment about holding the yarn in my left hand (Continental method?).  This has made a HUGE difference both in terms of stitch consistency (but still very far from perfect!) and comfort.  In the past, when practicing my right hand and wrist would easily become quite sore after an hour or two.  With so many beautiful patterns and yarns out there, I am determined to give this an honest effort!  I've even started a real project...stay tuned!

Have a great day!


  1. Your quilt top is beautiful. As for the quilting, I would ask how much time you want to put into it. It would be pretty with custom quilting or an all over design. Good luck with the knitting. My mom taught me to crochet and I enjoy doing that every once in awhile.

  2. Oh my heavens! That Shimmer quilt is beautiful! If you need a home for it, you know how to reach me. : )

  3. Your quilt top is stunning. I really like this pattern; it's bold and fresh and interesting, especially with the fabrics you've used.

    Here's hoping that you get the hang of the knitting. It would be a great way to spend those evenings in front of the the fireplace. Plus, there are tons of gorgeous yarns available, which makes it even more enticing. Good luck!

  4. Wow, it doesn't look like it goes together quickly, but I'll take your word on it. It's gorgeous! I like your fabric selection. What line is it? Have fun quilting it now.

  5. A real project huh!! I'm staying tune! This one is a shimmering finish for sure! LOVE IT!

  6. Beautiful quilt! As far as the knitting I think it looks great for a beginner - your tension on that swatch looks really nice. Much as with quilting, I think materials really do matter and you should use the best you can so if you're not using wool (which has nice stretch and is easy on the hands) I would recommend picking some up. I can definitely tell the difference between using wool and using acrylic or cotton.

  7. Oh my, you know I've been drooling over this quilt all thru construction but seeing it all together - breathtaking! Can't wait to see it once you've quilted it;-)


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