Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dusting Off The Quilting Machine

It has been months since I've sat down at my quilting machine.  Thanks to the frigid weather and having three newly basted quilts, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon playing with my neglected machine and enjoying the view.

Quilting with a large meandering (or stipple) stitch will keep the quilt soft and has the added advantages of being really fast to quilt and, honestly, so relaxing to stitch.

I don't believe I have shared with you my current set up for my quilting machine.  Here is my very special Sweet 16.

Even though the throat space on this machine is significantly larger than under my regular sewing machine, managing the weight of larger quilts is still a challenge.  After doing a little web searching, I saw a few people who have successfully used these dog grooming arms.

These clamps are amazing.

Unlike other clamps I have used in the past, these do not depend on the strength of your hands to squeeze the clamp close or open.  They easily close and have a release to open the clamp (note the red handle).

What a lovely way to spend a beautiful, cold day.


  1. I love a quick meander quilting task, add you said it makes the quilt quite supple and cuddly. It looks terrific 😀😀

  2. ANd I lov eyour looks great! So glad to see ya back to quilting:) (PS: I like your quilt sign on the wall too!)

  3. Just shoved a quilt through my domestic a couple days ago and those clamp arms where exactly what I need. The quilt is looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Nice set-up! Looks like you are having fun.


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