Thursday, December 31, 2020

Finished - Ohio Star and Pillows

 Catching up on my finishes for 2020, I must include this one.  I started this quilt a few years ago with the goal of making a dent in my collection of peach and light orange scraps.  It is a traditional Ohio Star pattern inspired by the beautiful work of Red Pepper Quilts.

After completing the quilt top I stepped back and, really for the first time in my quilting journey, I was disappointed.  The color contrasts just didn't work as I had envisioned and some of the scraps jumped out more than I liked.  It got tucked away until earlier this year when I went on a campaign to finish everything I had started.

As is always the case, quilting helped quite a lot as did the wrinkles acquired from being washed.

I made three pillows using the City Pillow series by Kate Colleran included with the 2020 Quilters Planner.  Together the quilt and pillows lighten up this guest bedroom and I'm moving on.

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  1. Oh, I think this turned out beautifully! You can't go wrong making a quilt with scraps. But most of all, I admire you for making the effort to finish what you started. Us quiltmakers know it's easy to become distracted; that's how UFOs pile up. The quilt and pillows are beautiful on the bed. I hope they stayed there!


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