Saturday, December 5, 2020

Finished - My First Meadowland Quilt

 Who hasn't seen the Meadowland Quilt pattern by Then Came June?  Here's my first quilt using this pattern as I am sure there will be more.

The colors are based on that Kate Spain aria floral fabric and another quarantine quilt made exclusively from on-hand materials.

I pieced the quilt top differently from the pattern so that the squares of that lovely floral did not have to be cut up.
Just a simple stipple for quilting.

This is a great pattern, looks wonderful in just about any fabric combination and comes together quickly.  

Keep smiling,




  1. what a lovely finish on this one--so pretty nice work. that is a great pattern...stay safe Hugs in my winter coat--it's cold out there,,,Julierose :()

  2. You did a very nice job making this pattern, choosing pretty floral prints, and soft stipple quilting. I hope you enjoy using it.

  3. Of all the many, many Meadowlands I've seen, I like this one best! The use of the floral in the squares is what makes it!


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