Friday, March 31, 2017

Window Treatments and Baby Sewing!

Just a quick post to assure you I have been sewing, maybe not quilts, but still sewing! You might (?!) remember that my first grandchild is about to arrive.  In an attempt to be a little helpful, I made a couple of faux roman shades for the nursery.
 They really do look great in the lovely nursery that the parents are preparing for their baby.
And then I had to make a few burp clothes and found a nice pattern for a perfect shape.

I tried three different backings...minky, cotton and fleece.  We'll find out what works best!
And we dog-sat this cutie for a few days so the future mom and dad could do some final home renovation before baby.
I've also been working on hemming a pile of panels for a kids' camp! I'm happy to help but looking forward to some quilt sewing!!
Wishing you a great weekend!


  1. Ooh, those burp cloths are beautiful!

  2. I'm sure you must be getting soooo excited for that little one to arrive! Very nice of you to pitch in with sewing. The blinds look very nice and the burp cloths are adorable! Cotton backed gets my vote - they'll be cooler for the 'wearer' and more absorbent. The minky and fleece sure look scrumptious though.

    Is their nursery color the same as your room the dog is in? (he is sure intent on something out that window isn't he?! :-) If not, it looks very similar - do you know the paint color by chance?

    Those look like cheery panels, but yeah, I can see being ready to get back to a quilt :-)
    Happy sewing ~ Tracy


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