Friday, April 7, 2017

Tidying Up Before Baby

With the grand-baby arriving soon, I am hesitant to start any new projects as I am quite sure I will be fully distracted by the new addition to our family and don't need to add to my list of WIP's!

When we had our home on the market in 2015, I went through a no sewing period to ensure the sewing room looked as neat as possible for showings, a very stressful period indeed.  I managed to sneak in and cut up some squares of peachy and low volume fabric.  That bag of squares sat around until a few weeks ago when I decided I needed to work with some brighter colors during this never ending winter.  Digging into my  scraps I cut more squares to yield a queen size quilt.

 To be honest, I am not sure about this quilt yet and that's really the first time I've felt this way after completing a quilt top.  I added some blue and mint green colors because why not.  

My goal is to make this a summer quilt for one of our guest bedrooms.  Quilting always makes things better so I am optimistic this will work out fine.

In really big news. my Tula Pink City Sampler has moved to the next is basted.  Unlike the quilt above, I have loved this quilt from Day One.

In my spare time, I'll be contemplating my quilting plan.  One can never accuse me of rushing to a finish!

I have to share with you my good luck!  I won this fabulous bundle of patterns, book and fabric from Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting as part of Amy's IGQuiltFest!  And the list of projects that I "must do" just keeps growing!

Sewing down my fabric stash has been a goal of mine and I have really tried to avoid buying fabric (except of course the necessary baby sewing fabric which doesn't count!).  The combination of this gorgeous collection by April Rosenthal (Sweet Marion) and a sale at the Fat Quarter Shop resulted in my purchase of this FQ bundle, the first time in a very long time I've purchased an entire collection.  So many of my favorite colors!

Sewing machine just dropped off for a tune up.  Hand sewing projects being organized.  Baby will be here soon.  All is good.


  1. I see those peach fabrics in your moda collection....I have a feeling you're going to love that peach quilt when it's finished. It is very attractive!

  2. Hi Kathy! I love the quilt top in beach, blue and low volumes! I think those soft colours are so beautiful and the pattern is one of my favourites! Did you make hour glass + squares or economy blocks? Fantastic winning packet and the new fabric bundle looks gorgeus! Have to check out that because friend is waiting for a quilt in those colours. x Teje

  3. Love your Tula City Sampler, but, whoa, woman, you sure put your basting pins in far apart!

  4. Okay, I absolutely LOVE your peachy quilt top!! I am sure the quilting will make it right for you!! Congrats on the prize winning! So exciting!

  5. I have always found when I stall out in the middle of a project, I end up loving it more in the end. Something about taking the time to mull it over. :) One could never accuse me of rushing to a finish either... or finishing at all. :D Congrats on your grandbaby!!!!

  6. Love the peach quilt! And the Tula Sampler is fabulous! Congratulations on your win.

  7. Love the peach & LV quilt, so pretty & soft! It'll fit any decor really. And congrtas on winning too!


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