Friday, March 10, 2017

A New Tote Bag for QuiltCon 2017

Of course I needed to make a new bag for this event!  As it turned out, when QuiltCon came around I still needed one crutch for getting around and a bag with a long strap for cross body wear was essential.
 The pattern is Anna Graham of Noodlehead's Gingham Tote Bag from her amazing book Handmade Style.

The fabric is an Essex linen and Yoga is For Everyone by Willow Creek.  I couldn't resist the subtle humor of this print!

Like all of Anna's patterns (and I have made many!), her instructions are clear and the finish is very polished looking.  I used iron on fleece for the body of the bag for stability as well as in the straps for extra padding.  In the future, I will not put the fleece in the handle as it made the straps a bit too thick for my sewing machine and four needles were sacrificed in the process!

I love the look of the leather straps and the metal zippers.

The tote bag worked just as I had hoped at QuiltCon, allowing me to carry a bag large enough for shopping (!) and navigate with the crutch!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great looking bag! I love the essex linen, it adds such a earthy touch. Is it tradition to carry a self-made tote at QuiltCon? I'll have to work on mine for 2018.

  2. This looks great! I love your fabric selection as well. The yoga animals crack me up.

  3. Oh that's a gorgeous bag, and I love how it makes the yoga fabric pop - just stunning :)

  4. What a fantastic bag. Great zippers and love the leather straps not to mention the adorable fabric. Hope you had fun at Quiltcon.

  5. Great design and love your fabric combo.Hope you had a fun!

  6. Lovely! Of course, I can say that from seeing this beauty in person, both going to and coming home from Savannah! : )

    A quick question: Where do you get your hardware for bags?


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