Friday, October 31, 2014

Finished - The Pink Quilt

You might look at this quilt and wonder why I am calling it a "Pink Quilt."  After all, I'm not really a pink gal and there really is not a lot of pink in this quilt.  Nor is my dear friend that I gave this quilt to.  But she is a breast cancer survivor.  And one amazing woman.
 This was a great quilt for using a jelly roll.
 I wanted to keep this quilt soft, so I just did a little loopy quilting.

To tone down the colors a little I used a grey print from the collection for both the backing and the binding.

This bright, happy quilt is not even close to your effervescent personality (particularly in light of the year you've just had!).   I love you Jean and hope you enjoy a snuggle or two under this quilt.   

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Cross Terrain by Lee Heinrich (pattern is here)
Fabric:  Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille

Finally, something to share with Amanda Jean's finish it up Friday linky party!
Happy Halloween!

PS I did this entire post on my new Mac (thank you Melissa for the help!).  Cool.


  1. Lovely quilt and wonderful gift for your warrior friend. Best wishes to her xx!

  2. I'm sure she loves it - it's a beautiful quilt.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. Such a beautiful gift

  4. What a beautiful finish! What a special gift for what must be a fantastic friend. This pattern is great and it is a soft looking quilt.

  5. Love this quilt pink for breast cancer is great cause! She's going to LOVE this.

  6. It looks like a very fun pattern ; )

  7. Such a sweet quilt for sharing love and encouragement. It sure looks snugly.

  8. As a lover of all things Bonnie & Camille of course I LOVE this quilt and I'm sure the recipient will treasure it. It is stunning!

  9. What a beautiful quilt!!! I know this will be treasured and well loved:-)


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