Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Little Finish to Share

OK, so I know it has been a long time since I have had a finished quilt to share with you.  Please be patient.  I have a few in the works.   ("Famous last words" my mother would say.)  Here's a little finish:
My sister is a HUGE Olaf fan (the best part of the movie IMHO).  For her birthday (one short of 50!) I made her this open wide pouch (Noodlehead pattern) and she was appropriately over the top thrilled with it. I love the lining fabric.

I know I am making excuses here but fall in New England is my favorite time and place to be. Last weekend we brought in the row boat for the winter.

That is my husband rowing in the distance.

It was indeed a beautiful day.

However, Sunday afternoons do provide the perfect combination of football game watching and sewing.  Look!  I see another I Spy quilt in the works.
And the low volume quilt, well, maybe it won't be so low in volume after all.

The biggest WIP news to share with you is this:

WHAT?!  One day I woke up and realized I had been sucked into the Steve Jobs' vision with my iPod, iPad, iPhone and two dysfunctional PC's that needed to be replaced.  The awful PC performance combined with the raging heat from the CPU tower (being held together by duct tape) forced our reluctant selves into the Apple store and into the world of Mac computers, iCloud synchronization and so on.

We have A LOT to learn (why does scrolling down require fingers to move up?) about this New World.  Stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a sweet gift for your sister!
    The colors of the low-volume quilt work really well together!

  2. Your photography makes your blog so wonderful! I also love the title, "Kayak Quilting". It says much about you! Lovely projects too.

  3. I love your low volume quilt! It's just got a bit of punch that's all... which I feel is great! Linda

  4. That pouch is simply adorable! What a lucky sister you have. Those fall photos are incredible. You chose the perfect week to get out there and nab those great shots. Congrats on the new lap top!

  5. Sad to bring in the rowboat; I have a love/hate relationship with fall - love the weather and how beautiful everything is (although, your color is so much more vibrant than ours!) but hate that winter is on its way :-(
    I am loving your (not entirely) low volume quilt! And you Olaf (I agree with your HO) bag is indeed adorable! (do you suppose a very beginning seamstress (as in, has never sewn a stitch beginning) could sew that one easily enough?)
    Oh Girl - a new computer, and a MAC at that? makes my head spin to think of all there is to learn. Best wishes!! Hopefully you will still be able to take the Kayaks out a few more times, that may help restore your tired brain ;-)

  6. I'm from Massachusetts also. I can't think what lake that would be. Is it in central mass? I love the low volume quilt also.

  7. I trust you'll soon love your MacBook - great laptop! Your Olaf pouch is a beauty and very satisfying to have your sister love it. The fall colours in those trees is just gorgeous! Too nice outdoors to be stuck inside sewing for too long.

  8. You can change the settings because the whole two fingers up to move down didn't work. I have it the opposite :) All your project look so pretty. Enjoy the lake before it get too cold and you're walking on it!


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