Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Close on Two Quilts

With the inspiration from your comments to my last post, I quilted the Star Wars quilt yesterday.

 The quilting pattern (in my mind anyway) is refracted lightsaber beams.   Again, I like how the quilting appears on the minky back.  Which, by the way, is not difficult to work with at all.  Sheds like crazy when cutting it and spray basting is definitely better than pinning for controlling the stretch, but quilting it is no problem.

Now I have these two quilts ready to be bound.  Soon, very soon.

The weather here in New England was PERFECT last weekend and my kayak and I had some wonderful time together (despite those pesky black flies).
The spring parade has started!

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  1. Now that's the kind of parade I like to watch! I also thinking that quilting is perfect for your Star Wars quilt!! Glad you are enjoying the outdoors as well.

  2. I love the quilting you did, it is perfect for that quilt!

  3. LOVE the Star Wars quilt!!! My Hubby is a total Star Wars fanatic and I've been trying to figure out how to make him a quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  4. I have loved seeing the star wars quilt progress. I just did my first minkee back and had some issues- maybe I'll try spray basting next time?

  5. I love your light beam quilting. And I am so glad to see you FMQ with the Minky. I have just done straight stitching with it,

  6. Excellent choice on the quilting for star wars! So glad that you got to get out in your kayak a bit, too :-) We went to a park with a small lake and a huge population of ducks and geese. There was a family with 'teenager' geese and they were just funny to look at, with their legs as long as their parents, but their scraggly bodies 1/3 the size ~ made me smile (I also noted how the family unit was still very 'tight' - not quite as tight as when the goslings were really small, but still very obviously a family - and thought, perhaps we humans out to take more cues from nature...)
    Have fun sewing your bindings ~ Tracy
    (That's not sarcasm - I love that part :-)

  7. Yes! That is the perfect quilting motif for the Star Wars quilt! Looks great on the minky, too. Love those scenic photos, Kathy. Glad to hear you had a chance to do some kayaking!

  8. The light beam quilting looks awesome with this quilt top! Great job :)

  9. Oh the lake looks so pretty! That's an awesome tip to spray baste minky fabric on the back! Going to remember that one, also liked the "fractured light sabers" such a great ideas to go with the theme of the quilt.

  10. Hope you are getting out on the water! I'm a paddling quilter, too, originally from New England and a frequent visitor!


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