Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Reveal: Quilt #4 The T-Shirt Quilt

I finished my first T-shirt quilt.
 This is too big a quilt for my usual quilt holder, hence the dangling from the second floor window.

 In addition to the t-shirts I cut up, I added four paper pieced blocks using the Star Wars Lego patterns by Quiet Play that she so graciously made available.
 Given the bulk of this quilt, the only quilting I did was to stitch in the ditch around each block and add my son's name.  Spray basting made a huge difference in being able to work with all this bulk.  The backing is Soft N Comfy from Joann Fabric.  I decided to include batting as well, so you can imagine how heavy this quilt is!  But my big, strong son is up for that challenge!
The finished size is 60" X 80", a large lap quilt.

Zach and I are both very happy with this quilt! Yeah!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Mmmmm.... Minky! That is one big finish! Love the addition of the paper pieced blocks. Great job, Kathy!

  2. It is a great finish. You can hardly tell it is a t-shirt quilt. The pieces co-ordinate so well.

  3. This is so fun! I couldn't imagine a boy not loving that quilt! Great finish.

  4. I love how you framed each of the t-shirts. The Lego guys are awesome (and I am trying to keep my son from seeing them). I am so impressed. What kind of batting did you use?

  5. Very cool! He must love it.


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