Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finish It Up Saturday More Pillows!

Well, it's almost Friday.  These two pillows are off in the mail to a very lovely lady in Chicago!

The fabric is of course Anna Maria Horner's Sketchbook (that I picked up at The Needle Shop when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago).
 The fabric is so beautiful, I really could not cut it up.  The quilting adds a nice texture.
 It's been a long time since I made and installed cording.  I found this tutorial very helpful (particularly  her recommendation for dealing with the end of the cording).
For closures I used my favorite hidden zipper under a flap method.  But, hey, not a bad job matching the pattern if I say so myself!

Off to finish more Christmas presents!  (Maybe next year I won't procrastinate and find myself finishing gifts in December...doubtful, but I can hope!)

Happy Saturday!  Linking up with Amanda Jean's Friday party.  (Did you see the amazing scrap quilt she just finished?  Wow)


  1. Congrats on two very lovely finishes, Kathy! You sure did an incredible job of matching the fabrics at the back! And the cording is a wonderful touch. Those cushions are gorgeous!

  2. Perfect matching of the pattern I say! Such lovely pillows.

  3. I love that radiating flower quilting pattern. Your quilting really does add a lot. I always tell myself to finish things early... It hasn't helped, yet. ;)

  4. I know how you feel about not cutting up such pretty large-scale fabrics...those pillows are lovely--and great stash busters, hugs, Julierose

  5. beautiful pillows! Happy gift making, and giving :)

  6. As always, I love to see what you are doing. The stitching on the pillows is wonderful!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. You have wonderful taste in fabrics... who wouldn't be thrilled to receive those!

  8. Beautiful! I love the quilting you did on these - it really adds to the design on the fabrics you used!


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