Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So Many Gifts

It's getting to the end of the holiday season.  I'm ready to clean my house of pine needles and empty the refrigerator of turkey and ham leftovers.  But as I do, I have added to my overflowing portfolio of special memories culminating with an amazing New Years Eve in Boston celebrating First Night, swing dancing with the Boston Symphony Swing Orchestra and even a few minutes of fame being interviewed by a Boston TV news broadcast ("Were you at all concerned about coming into Boston for First Night?" ).

Of course the greatest gifts of this holiday season are those memories with family and friends...but I dare say I did manage to score many lovely, thoughtful Christmas gifts!   Yeah!  For example, my dear friend Tracey and her family (who were the recipient of one of my first quilts) gave me this book:
OK, so have you read this book?  Amazing.  Highly recommend.  I know all of us quilters hope that someday we will create a quilt that will mean as much as the Keeping Quilt means to the author's family.  (So many tears when I first read this...oh and did I mention that my friend's family includes two beautiful adopted Russian the book for this connection.)

I am one lucky girl.

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