Friday, November 22, 2013

The Hourglass Quilt

Last year, shortly after I discovered quilting, I took my first live quilting class.  The project was this hourglass quilt:

 It was a good beginners class with basics on cutting, sewing, and adding borders.

After the class, I tucked away the quilt top.  As part of my goal to eliminate the queue to be quilted, it is now quilted!  Yeah!  As this was a learning quilt, I thought I would practice a few FMQ styles.  The quilting includes swirls in each block, loops in the inside border and my own rookie interpretation of feathers in the border!  I used 50 wt Aurifil in the top and 60 wt. Bottomline thread in the bobbin.  What a difference this thread weight change made.  

The good news is that the quilting adds lovely texture to the quilt top.  But you know my quilting is far from perfect and the black backing was definitely not the best choice for hiding less than perfect quilting;  the thinner bobbin thread, on the other hand, was a good idea.

In the end, although I do not love the style of this quilt, I am pleased with the overall result...and I just happen to know someone who I think would love this!

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  1. Oh my, this is fabulous! What a great job with the quilting. Be super proud.

  2. I had to put aside a lot of quilt tops when I started too. This really turned out beautiful. Your quilting is very evenly spaced and balanced. Great job!

  3. nice finish ! I thought you had been quilting longer than that

  4. This is great! I especially love the two extra hourglasses in the border; it's like a "hint of modern" in an otherwise traditional quilt. And I love the loops in the white border - I tried those for the first time earlier this week, and they were my favorite!

  5. It is a fabulous combination on pattern fabric and FMQ., great job.,,,

  6. I do have a little penchant for those hourglasses - they are so sweet. I especially like your two little runaways in the top left, they are just the perfect little fun addition to the border!!!

  7. So nice to meet you today! Looks like a lovely finish for sure.


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