Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Latest Adventures

We just returned from my annual birthday trip to Chicago to visit our son.  Six years ago, he left New England and went to college in the Windy City.  I knew after his first semester that he was there to stay.  He loved Chicago.  We love Chicago.  Between birthday visits, parents weekends, graduation and just about any other excuse we could conjure up, this was our 12th or 13th trip to this fun city.  Yet each time we stay in a different hotel (why not?), enjoy new restaurants, find new places to visit and learn more and more about the CTA system!

Beyond spending three days with my wonderful son, highlights from this weekend included upscale BBQ at Chicago Q, visiting Historical Pullman, attending the Chicago International Children's Film Festival Awards Ceremony (adult and kid it) and watching the Patriots game sitting at the bar of Pizzeria da Nella, an amazing Neopolitan restaurant we just happened across (but of course, this is Chicago!).
Pullman Greenstone Church

You may recall my first visit to The Needle Shop in Chicago last year.  Well, the shop has moved so I just had to check out the new digs.

Note my sons elbow as he is assisting me with my selections.
I love those shorts and the apron!

Exercising enormous restraint, I brought home these beauties.  From left to right...Timeless Treasures Menswear Eyeglasses, Ann Kelle Super Kids, Rashida Coleman-Hale Koi Scalloped Edges, Pat Bravo Carnaby Street Go-Go, Amy Butler Belle French Wallpaper and Anna Maria Horner Hand Drawn Garden Sketchbook.  Wow.

I wish I lived closer to take classes.  Don't tell my husband, but I can shop on-line at The Needle Shop without having to visit Chicago.  (yeah!)

Back home, my sewing/office/guest bedroom has something new on the walls.

I actually WON this print during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway party.  Heather at quilt.cook.keep is the artist.  Doesn't it look perfect in my room?

Now, I really should be doing some sewing!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

PS  If you haven't already done so (and I know all you busy bloggers have already!), it is not too late to vote in the Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side!


  1. Yes - the print looks perfect in that oh-so-hip room! And "exercising enormous restraint..." ha! You surely did! Those are some beautiful fabrics - have fun with them!

  2. Your room looks so wonderful! I too love Chicago... spent a weekend there last summer and hope to return soon. I was surprised actually by how much I enjoyed it. Love how they use their real estate along the lake and the river - so much going on!

  3. Love the new picture. I think it fits just perfectly in your sewing room!!!!

  4. What a fun shop and you get to visit your son double bonus!!


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