Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scrap Management

My little Ikea boxes are beginning to overflow with scraps.
(I really must find another solution.  Perhaps larger or more boxes?)

I decided to take the box marked "yellow/lights" and attempt to organize as suggested in crazy mom Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison's book Sunday Morning Quilts.  The pile I started with:
 And following their suggestion, this is what I ended with:

Much neater.  I also discovered that I have been mixing up Kona Snow and Kona White in my scraps.  I will have to assess if I am compulsive enough to separate them.  OK, so next question...what do I do with all these piles?  It doesn't seem right to put them back into the scrap box by color.  Should I start another system...2.5" strips (sub-organized by color or color saturation?), strings, snippets, etc., etc.

I know this is a much discussed topic so I plan to do a little on-line research.  Any suggestions or recommendations by the viewing audience are welcome!


  1. I just save my scraps all lumped together. But they are in clear bins. If I can't see them... They aren't there! Unfortunately this also applies to leftovers in the fridge. If I had more scraps I would likely sort by colour only, not size.

  2. really are organizing. I like the idea of clear containers. To easy to forget what you have.

  3. When you figure it out be sure to let me know lol. You are more ambitious than I was. When my boxes started overflowing I just bought bigger boxes (and I bought clear boxes too). One thing that I do do is I keep 2 "special" containers that I keep 2.5" squares and 5" squares in. I intentionally cut a few of every scrap fabric that I have as I'm putting it in the appropriate color scrap bin. Once my special containers are overflowing I make a quilt with them. The 5" I just piece together to make a lap quilt and the 2.5's I makes blocks with that I will one day piece together to become a quilt. It's a fun way for me to keep a piece of every quilt that I make with me.

  4. I like to keep like sizes together so I store strips and squares in drawers and bins. Same with my strings. I have 2 bins of scraps that have accumulated over the last year... usually I cut them down periodically but I've decided to wait until next year in case I want to try some thing new with my leftovers. So I guess I have "snippets" for the first time. Since I'm such a nut for 2.5" strips and 5" charms I have those stored by color or theme.

  5. I think you should make a scrap quilt! ;-}

  6. Bet you found that they took up less space once they were ironed and cut into squares/strips! Would be interested to hear what you decide on.


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