Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday is Looking Great

Still smiling (and more than a little tired) from last night's Red Sox victory, I woke up this morning to this view:
Over coffee, I received an email from my blog friend Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts.  She has a nifty method for basting a quilt that gets you off the floor that she pictured in this post of her beautiful Holiday Sparkle quilt.  Lorna was so sweet to send me this tutorial which is very similar to her approach (Lorna uses thumbtacks to attach the backing to the frame instead of pins in the tutorial).  This got me thinking about a Craftsy class with Cindy Needham wherein she describes her table basting method.  Another cup of coffee later, and now I have two new basting methods to try!  I am so excited!!  (OK...so after two cups of coffee it doesn't take too much for me to get excited!)

Lorna's blog also has a post about a new project to provide quilts to a children's hospital in Kenya.  This looks like a great opportunity to me!  Here is the link to the Blossom Heart Quilts site who is hosting.
                                                       Lala Salama 100 quilts for Kenya
Remember the two character quilts I made for my two buddies (hiding under the quilts below)?  This post tells the full story of all the new techniques I tried on these quilts.
And then there's this text message I received from their mom this morning:
    Quote of the day and it isn't 9 AM yet -- P wakes up and says "when we go to Chicago for Christmas, can we please bring our Ms. Kathy blankets??"

Now, if that isn't the perfect way for a quilter to start the day, what is?
Go Sox!


  1. What a gorgeous view to enjoy with a morning coffee. Thank you for sharing the links. And.... Referring to the character quilts.... Don't leave home without them! Very sweet, Ms. Kathy!

  2. Thanks for including a link to my basting tutorial. I'm a wee bit jealous of the view you woke up to...what a beautiful, peaceful start to the day.

  3. WOW...getting to see that out your own window!!! I baste on a small 24x48 table. Big and small quilts. I think I have it pretty much down to a science.


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