Friday, February 22, 2013

Sewing Room Progress

As I have been sans-sewing machine this week, I have not been able to finish any projects.  So, I thought this would be a good time to share with you the progress on my sewing room (WARNING:  lots of pictures).  First, the BEFORE pictures:

This is the OFFICE/guest room/sewing room before its conversion to my SEWING ROOM/office/guest room.  It is a small-ish room, about 10X12 foot, right off the kitchen, highly visible.  This room worked great for an office and the occasional guest room.  But now that having an office is less important and space for sewing is VERY important, it was time to update!  Say goodbye to the dark colors, knot of wires and cords, shaky folding table under the sewing machine and heavy oak furniture!

The AFTER picture!  This is the new view when you enter the room.  Fresh paint, new floors and light furniture make quite a difference!  The furniture is IKEA with the only remaining carryover piece being the surprisingly comfortable sleep sofa.  Given the leather colors of the sofa, I went with a grey/taupe for the walls and a gold/yellow accent color.  
I made these window treatments from home dec fabric on sale at Joann Fabrics.  I love the clean, modern look of these tab back curtains.
This little ironing table has been a great addition to the room.  Lots of tutorials on the web for this.
Simpler office.  Space to the left of the sewing machine for larger projects.  Large bulletin board.  Shelf for stuff.  I even think some of my Longaberger baskets work in the new room. 
 Below is the office part of the room, down sized but still effective.
Fortunately, we already had the IKEA bookcase and the two CD racks and just needed to purchase the table tops, legs and chairs.  

Don't you think the wall above this sofa is just screaming for a quilty wall hanging???  And,finally, a close up of where the action happens.  I love the little shelf with all my rulers.
I have just loved, loved having this little room to play in.  Linking up with Crazy Mom's Finish It Up Friday!


  1. Got to love Ikea! Great room, Kathy - cant wait to see what you create next :)

  2. LOVE this! Reason #101 why I must visit Ikea... love the clean lines of your furniture and how it brightens up your room. Awesome drapes too!

  3. So much lightness and renewing!!! How fabulous to enjoy that room completely now:):) The colors are soo sophisticated too.

  4. Love the transformation! Nice, light and airy. I bet you will have many inspirational moments in your new room.

  5. I love your sewing room, looks beautiful!! Did you get the shelf for your rulers from Ikea also? Such a great idea!

  6. The room looks so much brighter with the lighter color paint and floors. I think the wall above the sofa will be perfect for showcasing your quilts as well.

  7. The sewing room is great. Aren't the Ikea tables wonderful? I've got two of them and love them.

    And yes, you need a nice quilted wall hanging over the couch. And maybe a couple of pillows. Or a throw.

  8. Ikea is absolutely the best for sewing room storage and furniture! I just redid my sewing room with a beachy theme and need a couple of more Ikea treasures to complete it. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be back to your blog to look around!

  9. Great studio!Great pleasure to create art in this environment!Hugs!

  10. How happy is that?! It looks wonderful...especially in love with: the CD racks and the ironing table! (it was the first thing that caught my eye, must have!) The colors are great! Congratulations on your rewarding redo!

  11. Wow! That's a fabulous transformation!

  12. really like how your transformed your space! i have been seeing these little ironing tables popping up more and more...need to make one for my space. would definitely be more efficient. thanks for sharing!


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