Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interrupt for a technical question...

So, I LOVE flipping through my many favorite blogs at the end of the day, on long car rides, well, just about any time!  My primary device for this is my iPad...beautiful resolution for viewing pictures!  All of a sudden yesterday a number of my bookmarked fave blogs appear in a mobile view (list of posts, simpler format) and not the web format you should get on the tablet.  Quite annoying to scroll to the bottom of the page and change to web view.  The only pattern appears to be blogs "powered by Blogger."  On my desktop, no problem with viewing blogs (but the quilt pictures just aren't are lovely as on the iPad!).  Any suggestions????


PS  I am trying to work this out via iPad and Blogger on-line support but so far no luck.  I am sure I am missing something obvious!

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  1. I have noticed tis in the last couple of days... Not sure what happened? Unfortunately I don't have any answers.


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