Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Splendid Sampler Update - Through Block 15

Participating in this mega-event, I have learned some new skills and brushed up on ones I haven't exercised in a while.  These are blocks #8 through 15.
Really, I did embroider all of this doily but the lightness of the variegated thread in spots makes it look like I left out sections.

Lots of little pieces in this block but I really enjoyed it.

Looking at all fifteen blocks together, I am questioning my plan NOT to have a color plan for this project.

I'm a big fan of randomness, but perhaps a little bit of a end goal in mind would be helpful.  Something to ponder when I am not taking classes and enjoying the show at MQX this week!!

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  1. Pretty blocks! It looks like your color plan is blues and oranges, so maybe you made a plan without meaning to. Looks great!

  2. I like randomness too . . . and it makes a much more interesting quilt.
    Great Job & Sew Pretty!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! I'm saving all the instructions, but haven't made a single block of these days. I think you'll be fine with a no set colour plan. With 100 blocks you'll have some of every colour and then you can maybe pull it all together with sashing or a border or something.

  4. I like how they are all really different from each other - not a typical sampler, either. Very nice.

  5. I'm liking it!! You've got a bunch more blocks to go ~ I think your non-plan will work out in the end :-)


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