Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My First QuiltCon

This was my first time attending QuiltCon but will not be my last.  I would summarize the event in one word:  inspiration.  I fear my structured, orderly accountant's mind needs to really relax before I  could possibly design such amazing, creative, "unstructured" quilts. Nor will I ever be able to matchstick quilt or custom quilt with the detail or flourish of the quilts on display.  BUT I am absolutely inspired to think differently and keep trying!
 By now I'm sure you have seen many pictures of the quilts.  Sew Mama Sew has a very complete post with pictures and credits.  A particular focus area right now for me is quilting therefore I took a lot of close up pictures.  These are just a few samples:
As you read in my last post, this trip was a combined quilting adventure and vacation with my husband (as part of our 50 State Challenge).  Therefore, I planned my days carefully to balance taking classes, attending lectures, walking through the quilt show and the vendor space and touring Austin.
I attended a class on color values taught by Cheryl Arkinson.  I started out with this pile of scraps from home and my first pass at light, medium and dark:
 and ended up with this:

Cheryl had many specific tips to assist in the differentiation of value.  I will definitely add to this top in the future.

I attended a lectures by Meg Cox (quilt photography), one by Angela Walters (quilting negative space) and Victoria Findlay Wolfe (I've forgotten the specific name but it was awesome).   I learned something from each one.  In order:

  • Really, you don't like to see my husband's fingers and feet holding quilts in pictures?   I'll work on that.  Sorry.
  • Thank you for apparently not noticing all the mistakes in my quilting that I anguish over when my nose is inches from the quilt.   
  • I hope to someday be as brave as Victoria Findlay Wolfe and take scissors to a completed quilt top and rebuild it.  She is brave and ruthless when it comes to her work!

I did just a little fabric shopping.  Honestly, the swag that was in the bag given to each attendee was impressive.  I would have been happy if that was all I left QuiltCon with.
I will be in the front of the line when the Cotton and Steel holiday line, Tinsel, is available.  Love, love, love this!

In summary, the quilts were impressive.  The environment was fun and supportive.  The vendors were ready to take my money.  I look forward to future shows!

I hope to find some time to sew over the next few days.  Lots going on with the move, I promise an update soon!


  1. Nice to get a glimpse of quilt con through your lens and thoughts! I love hst's sewn in the opposite value groups! I must do that one day.

  2. I have Crimson Tate envy!! I lived an hour away from that shop, and have yet to visit! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Quilt Con images! I would have loved to be there...but Austin is a very long way from Nova Scotia! Your HST quilt is beyond adorable! Love the fabrics you chose, and the way you laid out the HSTs. I have five charm packs of very pretty fabrics begging to be made into something like've inspired me to start. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Next year will be in Pasadena about and hour from me! I'm excited to attend. Will you go? I'd love to meet you :) Hope the move is going well. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Any chance you'd like to share any of your learnings from the Cheryl Arkinson value class at an upcoming BMQG meeting? I think this would be a fun topic to cover as a group! let me know - Rebecca :)

  6. Hi Katy - I am selling Tinsel collection online in the UK - would you kindly give me permission to use your photo of the collection - it's a great one ! Many thanks. Stephanie @ Elephant in my Handbag


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