Saturday, February 8, 2014

Non-sewing Quilting Update

It's been a very busy week with not a lot of sewing.  As an early birthday gift for my husband, we took a little mini-vacation to the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH.  This is a spectacularly lovely historic hotel set in a breathtaking venue.  We had a fabulous winter day cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  (And then a day or two after of sore muscles to remind us of all we did!)

A few years ago we purchased a house on a lake in NH, a long time dream fulfilled.  For the last two years (when I rediscovered sewing through quilting) I have been lugging my sewing machine up north every time to ensure that any down time can be filled with sewing (you see, I really am a fidget...sitting around would drive me nuts).  Recently, we decided that I should just have a machine at the lake house, one less thing to carry back and forth.

My primary sewing machine is a Viking Sapphire 875Q (see picture below) that I have been very happy with.  So, I went back to the dealer where I purchased it and took advantage of a current promotion.  This is a limited edition Viking Eden Rose.  It does not have all the quilting features of the Sapphire (notably missing scissors) but has the same large harp space (BONUS!) and can use all the same feet and accessories, including the extension table.  I think we're going to get along very well.
During our recent drive back from NH, I mentioned to my husband that now that my Sapphire was not going to have to be uprooted from its beautiful custom table to be hauled to NH regularly, I should finish up some of the details of the sewing room.  For example, a thread catcher would be a nice addition and began searching tutorials to make one.  My husband provided me his solution.
Got to love this guy.

Last, but definitely not least in my non-sewing quilting news, is that last night I attended my first Boston Modern Quild Quild meeting!  A success at so many levels!  Honestly, I had a little trepidation about walking into this meeting alone.  But I was warmly received and met several people who were also attending their first or second guild meeting.  It didn't hurt that the format of this meeting included a celebration of the publication of this book, Quilting with a Modern Slant by Rachel May, a member of this guild.
 Oh, I have to tell you, I am so excited about sitting down and reading this book.  It is beautifully photographed and rich with content.  This book is dense with stories, inspirations, and advice from a wide range of modern quilters.   Just a bonus that I had the chance to meet the author, who is charming and graciously signed books all evening.
The icing on the cake was the meeting venue, Gather Here, in Cambridge, MA.  Eye candy (fabric, yarn, supplies) everywhere you look, I will definitely be back.  Just to be polite (cough, cough) I did make a little purchase.
I hope to get back to sewing soon!  Linking up with Amanda Jean's Friday party.


  1. Wow you have been having all kinds of fun! And...I am so jealous of the harp space you have on your new machine.

  2. First, love your husband's sense of humor...I live with the same type of smart alec....LOL!!! And..can only imagine how beautiful it was to cross country ski there! (I'm frigidity too and carry projects everywhere I travel too!) Happy Weekend to ya!

  3. Your new machine is a dream! Thread catchers are a sinch, go forth and sew.

  4. Congrats on the new machine for your second home. ;) I just thought I would add that my mom taught me to use a brown paper sack for many years when we went to classes together. She would love your husband's idea. But I do love the thread catcher/pin cushion she bought me at a craft fair.

  5. Congrats on the new machine and so happy to hear it has a larger harp space. That is going to be sew nice! Well, I do have to hand it to your husband. He like to use the KISS policy. And his thread catcher.... Well, it is very practical. And you can save all your new fabrics to make into quilts this way! Sew happy to hear your first meeting was such a success and very exciting!

  6. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at the February meeting - but welcome to the guild!!! I hope to see you at the April meeting, you have some gorgeous quilts here. :D


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