Friday, June 7, 2013

Very Busy Friday

Lots going on these days at KayakQuilting!  My best friend from high school (just a few years ago!) is getting married in July to a guy she met when we were teenagers and I am so, so very happy for her!  A great love story.  I need to make her something special.  Sweetwater's Mama Said Sew has been one of my favorite collections since I started to notice these things last year.  This quilt is Katie's Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company and is inspired from this quilt that I found in a web search for quilts using Mama Said Sew.

I am working on an interesting backing for this quilt top...stay tuned.

I continue to play with the Little Apples project:

 The wavy stitch is fun!

AND it's a busy weekend here in New Hampshire in the lakes region.  It is the beginning of the 90th Laconia Motorcycle Week where you will see signs like this everywhere:
 Perhaps more interesting to my readers, is that this weekend is also the annual Tent Sale at Keepsake Quilting:
Rain or shine, the crowds were there.  I am talking RV's, bus tours, people lined up waiting for bargains and scraps. Wow.

Bikers and quilters partying in the same town.  I love it.  

AND if that wasn't enough excitement, I will be participating in this blog hop:

Plum and June
Come back soon as I will post the schedule of all the amazing blogs that are included in this event!  Really, there are some impressive blogs waiting for you on this hop.  (But the week starting June 30 might be a little more special...wink, wink).

And as it is Friday, there is only one place to be...AmandaJean's Finish It Up Friday.

PS  So, I am heading out to Seattle for the big wedding.  As part of my goal to visit quilt stores around the world, I MUST do some fabric shopping in Seattle.  Appreciate any and all recommendations!


  1. Katie's Quilt is just beautiful--and I love that pretty wavey quilting you are doing...have fun at the wedding Julierose

  2. Nice post! I love the quilt top especially. Did you get anything good at Keepsake? I have never been to that tent sale but I love that store.

  3. Both your projects are absolutely great! Love the story about what is happening in town!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  4. Be still my beating heart. I went to Keepsake Quilting years was a five hour detour from skiing but sooooo worth it!!

  5. I love the Mama Said Sew range too, your quilt really shows it off to its best.

  6. Both quilting projects are looking great. I would love to wander through the tent sale, sounds very inviting....

  7. I LOVE both of these. I REALLY think I'm going to have to duplicate that first one. Patchwork and stars... it's calling my name!

  8. These quilts are fabulous. Your friend will absolutely love her quilt. I love the wavy/wiggly stitching. So fun and playful. Enjoy your trip to Seattle. It's a terrific place to visit!

  9. oh wow....I would have never thought of the color combination of the first quilt especially to include the black, it is a wonderful finish. The second quilt - the little apples...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....the quilting - divine :-)

  10. what a fun quilt shop. You live in a great area! love the quilt.

  11. what a great quilt shop and part of the country. love the quilt . . .

  12. A tent sale!? Love it! What did you get!!!

  13. Hello fellow hopper!! I love your site. You don't need to change a thing for me = A Quilter's Mission! That quilt is gorgeous.

  14. I recognized that quilt pattern immediately! I am a huge M*QC fan:) This quilt is on my list. Those fabrics are just perfect. I liked the pattern, but have no idea what fabric line....and those wavy lines are perfect. Great work.


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