Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer

When it looks like this outside, it is really impossible to be inside and sew.

But I will use this lack of sewing as an excuse to share with you a couple of completed projects from another little favorite activity of mine, cross stitching.  This project literally took years to finish.  Between kids, work, etc. the only time I really worked on this was when traveling.  The miles this project has, business trips, car rides.  The density of the stitching and very frequent floss changes made for slow going.  I debated not finishing it but one day I realized I was beyond the mid-point to completion.  The only photos I have are under glass as I had it framed immediately after that last X was crossed!  Sorry guys, love ya but not taking it out from under the glass.

It really is lovely (including metallic thread in the windows and doors for reflection a la Thomas Kinkade).

And then this wedding sampler on linen as a shower gift for my son and his future wife (also under glass and framed):
This was so much fun to work on and confirmed beyond any doubt that my eyesight is not getting any better!

After these two mega projects, my cross stitching has been limited to small Christmas ornaments and simple patterns.  Almost ready for another challenge...

Hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying this longest day of the year.   It is a beauty here in New England!  Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!


  1. I love that cross stitchery--was it counted? or a marked canvas? I tried to do counted on blank canvas, but I just cannot seem to do it--makes n=me nervous..Julierose

  2. That is really amazing work. You are so multi-talented. I've tried my hand at cross-stitch, but I'm better off at my sewing machine!

  3. Nice job! Those are quite the accomplishments. I enjoy cross stitching too - it's a nice, portable hobby and definitely a lot more affordable than quilting.

  4. Your cross stitching is amazing! Congrats on TWO finishes.

  5. Both are beautiful. I haven't done any cross stitch in many years. Even then they were tiny projects - Christmas ornaments and the like.

  6. I've completed many a cross stitch (some large) over the years but haven't done any for a number of years now. I guess I was finding I was being interrupted too many times with the demands of little ones to keep count of stitches.

  7. I was a cross stitch addict in the 80's and early 90's! I shudder to think what UFOs I have lurking in my cross stitch bin... my daughter and I had a nice paddle yesterday as our lake was like glass all day.

  8. Those are beautiful pieces!!!My Aunt has given me 2 framed "quilt sampler" cross stitch pieces this week! They were shipped to my mom's...I can't wait to see them!!! This is just so timely!! :)

  9. Love the cross stitching - have a quilt I've been working on - you give me inspiration to start again!


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