Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Cold Front

Things have been a little slow going this week at the sewing machine.  I am deep in the midst of my annual post-Christmas cold.  I am not sure which is worse...the cold symptons or the hangover from Nyquil.   Ginger tea with a squeeze of that's tasty medicine.

Soldiering on, I did finish the first of the two quilt tops that will result from the Serendipity quilt pattern; it now joins the three others in the "waiting until Kathy is brave enough to quilt us" pile.

I started to assemble the quilt top from the Craftsy Block of the Month.  Almost done...

And then I thought I would throw together a quick pillow for my sewing room/guest bedroom/office but the zipper was too small, the pillow insert was too big, I couldn't decide on the fabric...
...clearly cold induced foggy thinking!   It's Wednesday, so you know what that means:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

PS  I am thankful this is only a cold.  Did you get your flu shot?  Amazing statistics this year on the number of flu cases already.

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