Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pondering the next big project.... the mean time, I am still working on some smaller projects!  On New Years Day I dragged my very talented sister-in-law Wendy to one of my favorite LQS Quilters Common in Wakefield MA.   She is a great example of why I love this quilting community.   Wendy is into making amazing, very detailed, heirloom quality Civil War reproduction quilts and I, on the other hand, love anything bright and bold! Our styles could not be more different BUT we both had great fun shopping and found some beautiful fabrics for each other!  By the way, as a surprise, Wendy whipped up this beautiful the button accent:

So, on that shopping trip, I picked up some lovely Amy Butler fabric (with Wendy's help) and had to make this bag:

The pattern is the Market tote tutorial by Bijou Lovely.  Fun!  And functional!

In my early days of building my modest fabric stash, I got a great deal on a little pile of wine themed fat quarters (OK, go with what you know).  I have been pondering what to do with them and have decided on a table topper.  This is a WIP on my cutting board:

Between playing with these small projects, I have also been noodling about the next BIG project:  a quilt for my bed.  Last fall we finally had our bedroom and bathroom painted and remodeled to remove the 80's look (think gold paint and pink tile...Yikes!).   As we needed to make color decisions quickly, we went with a neutral color (what a shock) Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers gray.  I would love to do something modern and spa-like.  With the gray walls and the green uber-comfy chair (the ONLY survivor from the early days), I am collecting cool color fabrics to inspire me.  And then there is the question of what quilt pattern to use...oh my!  We may go without a quilt for a very, very long time!
 Samples of fabric with the green chair...
 I LOVE this fabric...but the green does not actually match the chair and my husband thinks it is too "flowery"...
Comments or suggestions anyone???  Linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
PS  I really, really must focus on the stack of quilts on the rack waiting for me!  I am thankful that I have lots of projects to keep me busy!


  1. I've always had florals in our bedroom... the only thing my DH would object to is pink! Love the spa theme - such pretty colors.

  2. oh I love the fabrics you picked, love the green and blue combination! I am in the process of picking fabric for my bed quilt too, good luck


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