Sunday, May 22, 2022

Finished - Baby Modern Fans

 A couple of years ago I made a queen size version of Suzy Quilts Modern Fans.  You can see that beauty here and here.  I loved making that quilt.  Sewing the curves was so relaxing and rewarding.  I had some fabric and partially sewn components remaining and tucked them away for another quilt.  We are fortunate to know people having babies and "needing" a KayakQuilting quilt.  

This little baby quilt will join two others that I gifted to older siblings, each quilt unique to the child.  When I saw pictures of the baby's nursery decor including dark blues and golds, I knew exactly the quilt I would make.

I try to learn something new with each project and this one has two experiments.  All my quilts to date have been finished with cotton batting.  For this I tried wool and I get it!  I understand why people love the texture and drape of wool.  It washed up beautifully with just a little shrinkage.  

This quilt is also the first time I have added a significant amount of hand quilting.  Researching tutorials and videos I kept playing with the right position to hold the needle and quilt.  By the end I had found a position that was comfortable for me and I'm sure I'll be doing more hand quilting.

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