Monday, November 16, 2020

Finished - Irish Chain from Scraps

One of the main reasons I started this little blog was to create a catalog of my finished quilts.  Although I am considering creating a paper notebook to document my quilts.  Has anyone done that?  

So, here's a quick quilt that I finished earlier this year from scraps remaining from the bunk bed quilts (posted here).  Another quilt completely made from materials on hand and added to the quilts to be donated collection!

 More finish posts to follow!

Keep smiling,


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  1. I too have kept my blog as a resource for tracking the quilts I've made for the past 11 years. However, I WISH I had started a notebook (or excel spreadsheet) back in 1976, when I first began quiltmaking. In 2000 or so, I tried to remember all the quilts I'd made, and made a rough start on a list, but after reaching 200, I stopped. And now, I can easily add more than 100 quilts to that list, just since starting my blog in 2009. Too. Many. Quilts! If you're gonna start a list, do it soon!


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