Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Modern Fans Quilt Finish - Part Two

Photographing this quilt top was a challenge.  At 84" by 112" my usual quilt holder gets extra credit for effort.
Then it was time to baste.  Except for very small quilts, I have basted all my quilts on a table.  Maybe one of these days I'll get my act together and document my process on this blog.
I do all my own quilting, usually on my sit down Sweet Sixteen quilting machine.  However, I wanted to do straight line quilting on this one.  My second sewing machine was set up on the dining room table, a folding table added off to the left for support, attached my walking foot and I went to work.  One inch quilting lines, 84 of them, 112 inches long.  This took a few days and lots of patience but I am so pleased with the results.
As much as I have enjoyed creative pieced backings, there are occasions when wide (108") backings are the only way to go.
Miles of hand sewn binding later, we have a finished quilt!!  After I gifted it to my son on Christmas we were able to enlist he and his brother to hold the finished product for pictures.

I loved making this quilt and my son was appropriately thrilled to have this addition to his apartment in Chicago.
With all that pre-washing, there was very little shrinkage after washing.
Thank you Suzy for such a wonderful quilt pattern and all the support! I will definitely be making another, perhaps a bit smaller next time!

Have a great day,


  1. Love this quilt -- the design, the colors, the quilting all work together beautifully.

  2. Great Quilt! Especially for the guys in our lives.

  3. I still can't believe you made your quilt so huge. It is a beauty!

  4. Wow, an amazing quilt! And it looks gorgeous in his apartment. The many quilting lines might have taken some patience but they fit perfectly with the modern design. Enjoy your finish! xo

  5. So, so good, Kathy! I think all of your decisions -- palette, backing, quilting -- were spot on here. And the result is truly a gender-neutral quilt (how often does that happen?). I surely wouldn't mind that beauty living here in Mass with me! : )


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