Friday, August 17, 2018

Perfect Pillows for the Fraternal Twin Quilts!

Before I share the second of the Fraternal Twin Quilts, I have to show you the pillows I made for the room.

The Geometric Bear pattern by Quiet Play:

and the Geometric Squirrel!

Piecing these two blocks was just the right sewing therapy I needed on this recent rainy weekend.

Here's a sneak peek at the room with the pillows.

The color scheme may seem odd but when you see it al together I think you'll agree that these two forest animals are indeed playing well together in our house in the woods!

Have a lovely day!  Hug someone you love!

P.S. I have not been receiving emails when comments are posted so please accept my apology for not responding!  I'm sure there is a fix out there to Blogger that I need to implement.  Wish me luck!


  1. Try going to your home page and check under 'Comments' and you'll see them. I also went to settings and 'email'. I disabled the email confirmation and then enabled it again. That was weeks ago but yesterday, I got an email asking if I wanted to confirm and continue email notification. I said yes, and today I'm back to getting the comment notification by email. Good Luck! I also had issues with 'cookies' that I fixed...mostly by trial and error in Advanced Settings of Google. Beyond my understanding!

  2. P.S. I also moderate comments to avoid having the spam post. So initially I had to check under Comments....Awaiting Moderation. After re-enabling the emails, they would send me the email after I clicked publish. But after yesterday's confirmation email, I now get the comments directly and I can choose to 'publish' from that email. Like it was before. Hope this makes sense!

  3. Oh my, Kathy! These are so good! While I’m not normally a fan of creature designs, these are perfect. Especially so because of how you’re using them. So good-looking on the beds! Great work.


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