Friday, December 1, 2017

After All Those Quilts I Needed A Few Quick Finishes

I'm thrilled to report that all three of the recently gifted baby quilts (for my grandson, for a one year old and for a very special newborn) were received with great enthusiasm in their new homes by the parents if not also the little ones!

With the holiday season upon us, there just isn't time to start any major projects and I have (so far!) resisted the urge to whip up any gifts.  I keep a little basket on my sewing table of "maybe" projects.  I dipped into the "maybe" basket and found eight leaf blocks I made last year .  Voila!  A very long table runner to give to my son and daughter in law to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in their new home.

I quilted this in a leaf motif (of course) and added a little color to the back.

How wonderful (and surprising!) that it perfectly fit their dining room table.  It's almost like I planned it!

And a few of these for the grandson for fun!

That chenille backing is so very soft!!

But I really am itching to start another quilt...


  1. Love that leaf quilting! Adorable bibs, too. Such lovely gifts.

  2. Great little finishes, I love the table runner!

  3. That table runner is sure nice! What a good gift for a Thanksgiving table. I recognize some of those fabrics used for leaves. I had them in my traditional stash. The purple one was a favorite. And your quilting is lovely! Cute bibs too. It's so nice to be able to make and give away.


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