Saturday, November 5, 2016

Splendid Sampler Update - #60 - 74

The scrappiness continues!  Here's the latest batch of Splendid blocks!  I love projects where I am stretched a little and learning new things.  This project certainly qualifies!

#60 - Hearts and Flowers.  This project has rejuvenated my love of embroidery.
 #61 - Traveler
#62 - Hen and Chicks

#63 - The Icing on the Cake.  More hand work, this time needle turn appliqué.

#64 - Rising Star

#65 - Stripes and Flowers.  Yikes.  This was a surprisingly tricky block for me but I am pleased with the outcome!

#66 - Happy Thoughts.  This block reminds me that I need to focus on color value and saturation more.

#67 - Bobbin Chase

#68 - Wild Roses

#69 - Full Circle.  From this block I learned that I need to practice curved piecing!

#70 - Bows.  Now, I am a big fan of paper piecing but this little block was really a challenge.  My lesson on this one is to really, really lower your stitch (2.0 was not small enough) to ensure the stitches stay intact when removing the paper.  Oops.  Lots of repair work needed!
#71 - First Stitch

#72 - Full Circle Star

#73 - +Love

#74 - Button Basket

And this is what these 74 Splendid blocks look like together:

Have a great day everyone!  And to my American friends, if you haven't already, please do vote next week!  It is important that whatever the result is, that it reflects the voice of the people.


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  1. Loving your blocks, Kathy! They look wonderful together.

    I just did a Sunday Quilt Inspiration post on voting. I hope that Americans get out and vote, no matter the outcome! It's important that we have the opportunity. Thanks for the reminder! Have a great week, Mary.


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