Friday, September 9, 2016

Splendid Sample Update - #49 - 59

Hello friends! In terms of sewing accomplishments this summer, I've not much to brag about except that I have kept up with The Splendid Sampler quilt along.

#49 - Summer's Gift.  I practiced hand blanket stitching on this one.

 #50 - Flights of Fancy

#51 - Bee Happy.  I am indeed happy to have this challenging block completed.  I need to spend some time figuring out why I keep flipping the patterns (the bee should be facing to the left).

#52 - Coneflower.  Although I replaced the top of the flower once already, I don't like that you can see the tops of the petals underneath the center.  I will likely re-do this one.

#53 - Whirling in Circles

#54 - Shell

#55 - Dedication Rose

#56 - At Home Anywhere

#57 - Starting Point

#58 - Homeward Bound

#59 - Circle of Friendship.  One of my favorite blocks.
The wall is filling up!

Linking up with Amanda Jean's finish it up Friday party!


  1. LOVE the Bee Happy block! I have a thing for hexies. ;)

  2. Wow you have been busy! The wall is looking amazing :)

  3. Nice sewing on all your blocks and a good variety of colours :)

  4. try some iron on interfacing under the cone to hide the petals. i have not tried it myself, but have seen it recommended.

  5. try using an iron on interfacing under the cone to keep from seeing the petals. i have not really tried it myself, but see it recommended a lot.

  6. Those blocks are have such great personality and look fantastic together!

  7. I think that keeping up with the Splendid blocks is a pretty big accomplishment!


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