Friday, July 15, 2016

Splendid Sampler Update - Blocks #28 - 43

I know this is not technically a "finish" but I feel like it is a major accomplishment, that I am up to date with the Splendid Sampler blocks!  There continues to be quite a bit of hand sewing, either embroidery or appliqué that really slows me down.  As you will see, I will admit to cheating on a few blocks.

#28 - Stitching Fashion This was a fun block to paper piece, even with some smaller pieces on the dress.
 #29 - Scrappy Happy Heart 

#30 - Simple Surprises

#31 - Blossoming - I took the easy path here and stuck with one color.

#32 - Constant Needle - Having just completed a class, I used a freezer paper appliqué method on this one.  The hand stitching and the curves are not perfect, but I am OK with this!

#33 - Selvage Saver - You know I make these blocks for relaxation therapy so this was a winner!

#34 - Lemonade - Tricky little curves to make this lemon!

#35 - The Wishful Garden - This block introduced me to a few new embroidery stitches.  Fun!

#36 - Inchy Hexagon Club - OK, my mother told me if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  Sorry mom.  I spent SO much time on this block and I really am not a fan!  Those hexes are tiny, tiny and my attempts to do something clever with the patterns was disappointing.  In frustration, I sewed the hexie flower to the background with a clear monofilament thread.  Notice the puckering?  UGH  I may end up unpicking it and hand sewing it back with cotton.

#37 - Dashing by Chocolate - On the other hand, this block made me very happy.

#38 - Vintage Flower Basket - I used the monofilament to applique on this block and I am fine with the results.  A little cheating, I know, but life is too short to be changing thread all the time!

#39 - Balls in the Air - A real test of paper piecing patience!

#40 - Flights of Friendship - Sorry about all the little threads that show up in these pictures!

#41 - Sew South - Yes, guilty again of monofilament appliqué!

#42 - Pencils - You can certainly guess the color scraps I have the most of!

#43 - Pincushion Love! - So, I was on a roll with all that appliqué work and that disappearing monofilament thread!

The blocks have been sorted by color to see how well they are playing together.  I'm not surprised with the leaning toward cool colors!

Life at the lake has been wonderfully busy this summer.  I really, really want to bust open a quilt project but for now these little 6" blocks give me an excuse to duck into the quilting cave for a few minutes.
Have a lovely day.  Peace.


  1. They're all so lovely and how wonderful to be all caught up. A great way to sew and still enjoy summer:-)

  2. What a power of work you've been putting in- this is amazing! You have way more patience than me (but must be easy to be patient when you are in such a gorgeous, relaxing setting!)

  3. What a great collection of blocks. I'm partial to the Lemonade #34 and of course, #28 Stitching Fashion!

  4. Congratulations on being on track!! Your blocks are all great! I don't think using the monofilament is cheating ~ I think it's just your preference, and therefore, a very fine choice :-)
    happy sewing and summering ~ Tracy

  5. You have a whole bunch of finishes! Those blocks are great. Whoever said a finigh had to be a whole quilt?

  6. Caught up and finished have the same level of excitement! Congrats on getting all those blocks done. The lake is looking perfect :)

  7. Your Splendid Sampler blocks are.....well.....splendid! I can't wait to see them all together!


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